Area ProtettaProtected area

Da questa pagina si entra in una zona Riservata ai soli Soci e Iscritti al sito, per accedervi bisogna autenticarsi nella Login.


This is a protected area where material is placed only available for members.

If you see this page means you are at least one employee and the administrator of the site you posted as such as associated with Assoceic. The employee has other privileges as well as see the protected parts. But this protection must not be understood as “inviolable” and must be used carefully.

Is recommended to change your password often (once a month) and do not leave the computer unattended once you enter the personal login. Passwords must have at least the required characteristics, but we know that the more articulate and more secure.

This page will be placed text links that point to files “important and useful for your association.
Sample Page ‘s just a example